Randores mod

This mod is insane it has 16,777,216 ores that can be found in the world. Although only around 300 ores will spawn per world.

World Map Mod

The world map mod is helpful because if you press “M” on your keyboard it will open a map of all areas discovered.

Damage Indicators Mod

Damage Indicators is a simple mod that shows the appearance of a mob in the top right corner of your screen. It also shows amount of damage one animal does to another.

How To Download Mods For Minecraft (This Guide is for Windows)

Step 1 Downloading Forge: First make sure you own Minecraft then look up “Forge Minecraft”. When you first look it up the first thing that should pop up reads “Minecraft Forge”. Click on it and then look on the right side and click on “1.12” then 3 things will show “1.12”, “1.12.1”, and “1.12.2”. Click on “1.12.2” next, click on “Show all versions” on the bottom of the browser. Scroll down until you see “” click on “Installer” on the same line. Do NOT click on “Installer-win” unless you have a Windows computer. When you click on “Installer” wait until in the top right corner says “skip” then click on “skip”. It should open a downloading menu and click “Save”. Navigate where you put this file and when you find it click on it. When opened click on “install client”, then “Ok”. Next it should say “successfully installed client profile forge for version 1.12.2 into luncher.” Open up the Minecraft luncher and go into “launch options” then go into versions of the game and scroll down until you see the forge version. Before launching make sure you have selected the forge version. You are now ready to play Minecraft forge!

Step 2 downloading the mods: First click on this link. Then download the mods by clicking “ModPack”. Download it on your desktop and right click on it and press “Extract All”. It will ask you if you want to accept then open the new folder on your desktop. Next go into your search bar/ windows sign and type “%Appdata%”. It will open a folder and find a folder named “Minecraft”. In this folder there should be a folder named “Mods”. If not then create a folder and name it “Mods”. then drag and drop all of your mods from the ModPack and you will be ready to play!

Step 3 getting the server IP address and playing: When you open Minecraft click “Multiplayer”. Then go into “add server” and name the server “PorkchopSammiches!”. Then type in “Porkchopsammiches.life” for the server address. Click done and you can now join Porkchopsammiches!

Type “Porkchopsammiches.life” in for joining the server.

If you have any questions/problems please leave a comment down below.

Zawa Minecraft mods

Zawa is a Minecraft mod that has a lot of things.

Here is a list of some of the items that are in the game currently:

Animal Ball

Animal Care guide

Animal data book

Animal Fur/Leather

Animal Net

Animal Transport Vehicle

Breeding Vials




Command Wand

Exploration Guide

Hunting Rifle



Tracking Device

Tranquilizer Gun

Zoo Painting

Poison Dart

Rifle Bullet

Shotgun Bullet


Tranquilizer Dart

Ice and Fire Bestiary

Ice and Fire is a Minecraft mod with many items and animals. It has a bestiary that can be crafted by using 3 manuscript like this:

Crafting the bestiary.

After Being crafted you give it knowledge by using a lectern.

This is a lectern it can be used to upgrade the bestiary.

If putting the bestiary and manuscript in the lectern you can upgrade the bestiary by clicking on any of the 3 selections on the right side.

This is how you would craft the lectern.